Imagine the cure to your ailment was inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinet?  The brain is the engine of our existence and needs the right nutrients to sustain it until old age. A singular change in your diet might be all you need to remain as healthy as an ox.

What will you give if you know that Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease and predictable by the diet and lifestyle you indulge in?

Before the use of coconut oil, he could not bend to knot his shoes. His gait and movement were slow and weird… all that improved. He began to walk normally and started to run again

Prior to using coconut oil, he wasn’t able to read or make a coherent speech, but after using coconut oil, his speech improved, he was able to read again and his mental health and memory improved dramatically. We had tried all medication until we started using coconut oil.

The craze for a low-fat diet is not beneficial or healthy to the body especially the brain. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that offer significant benefits to the brain. It improves cognitive, mental and overall physical health. Alzheimer’s is a brain degenerative disease that becomes better by consuming coconut oil.

How much Coconut Oil do you Need?

Although more study is still ongoing in this area; the therapeutic level of 20 grams per day can be a preventive measure for your loved ones suffering from any kind of degenerative brain diseases. Whether it becomes an established fact or a hypothesis, the benefits of coconut oil on the brain can’t be overlooked. Please note that people tolerance of coconut oil is different, so I recommend to start small and to be taken in the morning with food. The quantity should be increased over a period of time or coconut oil can be your cooking oil. To avoid upsetting your stomach, please accompany with food.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Brain:

  • Eliminate sugars and artificial sweeteners

  • Eat more healthy fats and omega-3

  • Exercise more often

  • Participate in intermittent fasting

  • Keep your fasting blood sugar to 3

  • Stay away from wheat and gluten rich foods

  • Get more vitamins into your system.

Diet is vital to life and the beauty of adhering to my comprehensive nutritional plan will help you or a loved one that is battling with any stage of degenerative disease particularly Alzheimer’s.