Generally when it comes to enlightenment, nothing revels the secrets behind it better than the Four Bodies of Existence which is fixed right at the forefront of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Taking a look at this image, you will clearly see the two sets of legs and arms embodied by a circle which is right at the center of a square. To many, it is considered as a mystical image. Although, it is still recognized as an image which portrays the Holy nature of the four bodies of human vibrational existence. This image withholds secrets that has the potential to shed more light on human enlightenment. These secrets go deep down, all the way to our personalities as humans, our emotions, our spiritually and the ways our heart works. Combined together, these opens up the secrets to enlightenment.

The following are the things you will find in this beautiful piece of art:

  • The man on the image is showing the physical body of a human
  • The image of the legs and arms that are multiple in number shows how dynamic the emotional body of a human can be.
  • The square shows how confined in nature and limited in space the mental state of a human is.
  • While the circle which encompasses, is showing the spiritual body (chakra, spirit etc.)

Now let’s delve deeper into the meaning of each of these.

Physical Body:

The physical body is like a channel through which other elements like emotions, creativity, and spirituality flows through. Connected together, the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies are like inter-related vibrational fields that interact with each other in several ways. The physical body being the human body itself, sends out signals informing us that something is wrong. This signal can be either negative or positive, it all depends on the situation at hand. Often times, this is usually affected by our thoughts and emotions at a particular time, in addition what we consume as food.

When it comes to how to use your physical body the right way, you need to feel situations rather than think about them. This way of using your body is the right and ultimate way to do so. As an expressive organ as much as a blood pumping organ, your heart always finds a way to express itself to you with the aid of your feelings. By taking time to learn how to feel the messages your body is sending to you, you will be able to find balance and harmony. This is considered as the vibrational secret of the Vitruvian Man. In addition to this, as an individual, you need to learn how to understand and feel the signals your heart is trying to send you through your physical body.

Presently in this our era, people live in a particular state of mind that separates themselves from their physical body. Each cell in our body has memories of what has happened in the past, both the good and the bad. In turn, they correlate it to influence their present state.

Emotional Body:

As humans, our emotional body comprises of our past and present emotional experience, desires and pleasures. And this drives a whole lot of things that pertains to our general wellbeing. Are you aware that ‘emotions’ is a coined word which simply means “energy in motion”?

All the bad experiences that we have had in the past remains stored in between the layers of our unconscious and subconscious memories. Taking a large chunk of our body and controlling our daily feelings and thoughts. Which means, if you do not notice the wounds that are deep inside you and don’t find a way to heal them you will stay imprisoned and subjected to the influence of this negative energies. Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you feel you are acting irrational or in a way that is far from the real you? These irregular behaviors came as a result of the wounds you have incurred emotionally.

Love is another thing that takes a share of our emotions body. Whenever something good happens to, delight and joy sets in. At that point in time, out heart is passing an indirect message to us through our positive emotions. And of course, having this specific type of feeling is what everybody desires. Moreover, achieving our life’s purpose brings a sense of fulfilment to our heart. By giving respect to things that matter you will be getting that fulfilment in no time. In the process of healing the emotional wounds on the layers of your heart, you will gradually move yourself to a joyous state of mind.

Mental Body:

The most powerful and creative body, the mental body is what makes us alive, similar to the processor of a computer it is what gives us the ability to think for ourselves. It comprises of two main parts which are the subconscious and the conscious mind. The ego resides in the subconscious which has sometimes been referred to as a block which can stop us moving on the correct path to ascension by putting together a reality of suffering, pain anxiety etc., however it is also tool that plays a predominant role when it comes to putting together a complete reality of harmonious reality and can be helpful when it comes to achieving your goals in life and getting an expanded awareness. After the subconscious completes a task for creating a desire or intention, its activities goes down within a short period of time, giving way for the conscious mind to take position.

The experience when you are conscious begins with a quiet calmness that often leads to intense a peace that is beyond comprehension. During the time you are conscious everything is surrendered and you become one with the present, you start to truly use your 6 senses and get a sense of gratification that you are born earth, subsequently your choices become clear and your questions to the universe will get answered. However, in the modern society we live in, our subconscious mind is victim by a large number of programs, whether it’s from television, smartphones, college, family or simply standards. The rest is up to you because of the free will you are given it is up to you to decide whether you want to  continue following the programs or free yourself and live your life consciously.