As human beings we all get tired from working too hard, After running we take a rest by sitting or napping, our human body works the same way. Your digestive system will get tired after working hard day and night breaking down the different foods you eat, detoxing is the best method to ensure your body constantly works at optimum performance to improve productivity and creativity.

When I was in my early teens I loved going on juice fasts, detoxing, making face masks and reading more books on detoxing, health and nutrition than I could count. It all resonated with me so deeply, to work on health from the ‘inside’ out. Friends and family began asking me questions about health and nutrition, asking for my advice on what to do for better health, vitality, skin and any questions they had. I loved it, I loved researching the answers to their questions, I loved how sometimes the slightest changes to the diet brought about the most beautiful results in the people around me. This passion stayed with me all the way throughout my life and I feel so unbelievably blessed that it has led me here.

Please feel free to take a look at our services as we offer a detox package which would be perfect for you.

A 2-hour home visit where an in-depth assessment is taken of your overall lifestyle at home. This includes taking a good look in the pantry, refrigerator, freezer, products you are using at home, on your bodies, and as a family, followed by an evaluation of how these products may be toxic to your health and environment. The final step is the implementation process where you will be introduced to alternative products that not only boost your health but also your overall well-being. This includes a grocery shopping trip whereby you will learn how to shop for living a healthier lifestyle without overspending.

In conclusion, embarking on a whole food based detox program can have massive health benefits. Increased energy, reduced cravings and lowered stress levels are just some of the many ways you will leave your detox diet feeling better. And remember, the mark of a truly successful detox is that you are set on the path of positive long term change.