A friend of mine spoke highly of HealthyAlly and raved about Nasrin’s work. She highly recommended her, as Nasrin had treated her mother after an open-heart surgery the year before. I decided to get in touch and see if she could help – our whole family was completely hopeless and had begun to prepare for the possibility of our father’s passing.

Nasrin used a unique combination of her own healing techniques, diet and lifestyle changes, multiple detoxes and cleanses. She monitored and treated him continuously for 5-6 months as he slowly regained his strength and made a full recovery.

My father is now 92 years old, he no longer wears a urine drainage bag, ALL his infections have completely healed, he is able to walk and eat food easily, he is at a healthy weight, his quality of life has improved TREMENDOUSLY, his blood glucose, cholesterol and keratin are under control, he has NONE of the effects or disabilities commonly associated with a stroke and on top of everything else, he looks 10 years younger with glowing skin and eyes!!!

All our family and friends were and still are in awe of his recovery! They cannot believe that he is the same man! My father was practically on his death bed – now he is living happily and comfortably without any problems! My father owes his life to Nasrin. I will forever be grateful to her for everything that she did. She is a Godsend and I can’t even imagine where we would be if I hadn’t reached out to her.

Without a doubt, I’d recommend Nasrin to everyone!!! I have already told all my friends and family about HealthyAlly and we will be lifelong clients!!!”